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5 Facts About Selling Your Home

Did you know….

1). When selling a property up north; there is certain knowledge a seller should possess before they put their house up on the market; so they don’t run into time delay once their home is sold. Let me help you be well prepared and guide you through the entire stress free selling process.
2). There is a fair amount of research and insight that goes into listing a home. Through my vast knowledge of each of the Laurentians communities thru comparisons and market savvy-let me help you establish a selling price that will get top dollar!
3). Selling a home; especially in the Laurentians, often comes with many emotional family ties. I am always respectful and appreciate the sometimes sensitive nature that comes along with the decision of putting a home up for sale.
4). There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before establishing a selling price. I am very knowledgeable in all areas such as land topography, location of home; lake, mountain and characteristics of each individual area.
5). As a result of years of being in business, and community involvement; I have a vast network of new and serious buyers-I am very skilled at finding the right buyer for your home!